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We bring industrial

to the forefront
of data innovation

We help industrial companies become more sustainable and profitable by developing innovative data & AI-driven solutions.

We make digital transformation
work for you

What we do

At Moji7o LAb, we understand the challenges that companies face in the era of Industry 4.0. You may not know where to start or how to scale your innovation efforts and move to the next level of digital transformation.

That's exactly where we can help you. As experts in data, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet of Things, we build and execute your data & AI strategy and develop pre-made and custom data, machine learning and AI solutions.

We work closely with your domain experts and form a long-term partnership that drives innovation of your business.

Our mission & vision

Helping companies successfully innovate
their business with data & AI

"We use your expertise in data and AI to innovate travel sector in order to make it more sustainable and profitable. Enjoying the work we like in strong, coherent teams involving our customers is the key that keeps us highly motivate to deliver outstanding results."

"By using state-of-the-art machine learning and software engineering techniques we build data-intensive cloud systems and AI-powered services for our customers. We strive both for excellence as well as great relationships because if you worry only about the technology, you are missing way more than half of the picture."

Harvey Becker, CEO

Alisson Elliott, CTO

Key to your success:
our 10+ professionals

Meet our tech teams

Our team of 10+ specialists provides you with full-stack expertise needed for any successful data & AI projects.

Our data scientists and data analysts will help you understand what AI can and cannot do for your business. They explore your data to deliver state-of-the-art AI and machine learning solutions that will bring you to the forefront of innovation.

Data science

Our data engineers will be the backbone of your data and IoT solutions. They take care of custom development, productionization and scaling your projects. They understand big data and know how to build reliable and robust software.

Data engineering 

Our UI/UX experts help when your teams and clients need an additional layer to easily interpret the data. They build custom visualizations, web, and mobile apps to enable quick insights across your organization and customers.

User interface

Effective partnership based on trust,
respect and close collaboration

How we work

Most customers form a multiyear collaboration with us. Thanks to that, we can effectively innovate their products and services and become true partners.

We don’t work in a silo: a close collaboration between your and our specialists is crucial to achieve the best results. We form a dedicated project team which involves your domain experts, engineers & product owners together with our project leads, data scientists and engineers.

We build one team together

Whether it’s dairy cattle, electron microscopes or radar data, our team dives into your domain to thoroughly understand where we can have the biggest impact. In this way, we maximize the value that our solutions can bring to your business.

We invest into learning your domain

We honor the agile manifesto: we value customer collaboration over contract negotiation, individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Rather than rigidly following a plan, we respond to changes and focus on delivering quality solution.

We follow agile practices

Our technology, community
& academic partners

Our Partners


Why choose Moji7o Lab

Value we bring

We offer expertise in data science, AI, software & data engineering, and UI under the same roof. You can get an end-to-end solution without the difficult task of coordinating different providers.

Unique combination of expertise
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Innovative projects often fail to move past preliminary stages. We're proud to keep a strong track record of having >80% of our projects actually deployed in the field.

>80% of projects deployed

You can expect open communication from our side, transparent cost structure, and no hidden agendas. We anticipate the same from our customers and suppliers.

Transparent communication 

Throughout the years, we have developed blueprints and pre-made platforms for data, IoT & AI solutions. They will help you save costs, speed up delivery and jump-start your projects.

Blueprints & pre-made platforms

Considering becoming a data/AI driven business?

Contact us

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V. Nageviciaus str. 3, LT-08237
Vilnius, Lithuania
Company number: 304492598

+370 614 48768




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