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Turn your machine data into impactful actions and valuable information by leveraging our expertise in building data and IoT solutions.

Capitalize on your
machine data with
of Things solutions

Challenges we solve

We bring the power
of IoT to your business

With 5+ years of experience, Moji7o Lab will help you avoid dead-ends and fulfill the promise of IoT in your business.

Constrained budget for innovation?

In-house data solutions often hit their limitations and fail to scale due to lack of manpower or expertise. Moji7o Lab offers a strong track record of large-scale IoT solutions that you can trust.

Limited in-house IoT knowledge?

Many companies do not yet fully leverage the power of their data and miss out on opportunities IoT offers. Moji7o Lab will help you uncover them and unlock the maximum value of your data.

Untapped potential of your data?

Innovative solutions are oftentimes subject to limited budgets until they prove ROI. At Moji7o Lab, we typically implement a proof of concept in 3 months and a production-ready solution within 6 months.

Moji7o Lab IoT solutions

From machine data to profitable
data products

Make data available across your organization and start making informed decisions. Open new revenue streams or optimize existing ones by putting your data to work with Moji7o Lab IoT solutions.

We build your solutions on standardized industry proven components. Our domain-specific blueprints speed up delivery and improve overall quality and maintainability of your IoT projects. The modular architecture of our IoT platform can easily accommodate your unique needs: whether you need to build new components or integrate it with your existing software.

Modular IoT platform and industry proven blueprints

Whether you first need to connect your devices to the cloud or you already collect data and want to build a web application on top of it, we’re ready to help at any stage. From a solution roadmap, through implementation to operations, you can enjoy agile delivery of your IoT projects thanks to Moji7o's industry experience, expertise and skilled engineering team.

Support along your entire journey

Our key areas

Industries we innovate


Hi-tech Industry

Tourism Industry

Biotech & Foodtech



Leverage data to quickly validate your business propositions and to open new sources of income.

Unlocking new revenue streams

Why become data & AI driven

Goodbye guesswork.
Welcome data-driven clarity

Understand exactly how your customers use your machines and improve your products accordingly.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Evaluate feedback from your machines constantly. Predict product quality issues to avoid any disruptions to the production process.

Improving product quality

Monitor all your machines remotely and automatically without the need for your service team to visit the sites.

Improving operations efficiency

Support your business decisions with key metrics so your strategy planning is easier to do and more predictable.

Informed decision making
decision (1).png

Apply the Industry 4.0 paradigm and start your digital transformation to get ahead of your competition.

Competitive advantage

Our typical process

Quick win in 3 months,
production-ready in 6 months

Within 3 months, we usually deliver a proof of concept (POC) that demonstrates the possibilities and value of data for your business.

2. Proof of Concept
in 3 months

We collect and analyze your requirements to create a clear IoT roadmap with suitable technologies for your use case.

1. IoT roadmap consultation

Our team works on productionization of POC. We typically achieve a production-ready solution in 6 months.

3. Production-ready in 6 months

We provide operation and maintenance of your IoT solutions at predictable cost to respect your budget plans.

4. Operation and maintenance 
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Let's discuss your
IoT needs

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Vilnius, Lithuania
Company number: 304492598

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