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There are countless people who are looking for what you have to offer. Bid first and don’t leave room for competitors.

„Google AdWords“ Advertising
dominates the internet

The 3 main stages of
Google advertising

Challenges we solve 

Optimizing Your Campaigns - Improving with Best Practices Evaluating and adapting the best-performing phrases. Landing page adjustments, improving ad extensions. Creating new campaigns.

Google's advertising strategy and implementation

Market analysis and research of your business. Detailing and preparation of advertising campaigns, Setting and planning a budget. Optimize Google Ads ads and increase business profitability.

Advanced analyzes and reports

Companies often find it difficult to level up their innovative efforts due to a shortage of in-house AI talent and expertise. Moji7o Lab team experts is ready to partner in your ML and AI projects.

Google Ads Campaign Management and Optimization

Our expertise

How do we create a successful
Google ad?

Creating the right strategy is a very important part of a successful advertising campaign. We devote a lot of time and effort to understanding the product / service and the target customer.

Creating the right strategy will allow you to reduce the cost of your clicks and reach your high scores faster because you will have clear goals (CPIs).

Business model and audience analyze

Tracking visitor behavior on your site is a very important part of a successful Google Ads campaign. The data obtained will allow you to make decisions about the right and wrong traffic for your website so that you can focus on your target customer.

This will allow only the most targeted customers to reach their advertising budgets.

Website preparation for visitor monitoring

Attracting visitors alone is not enough, it needs to become a customer or buyer. It is therefore necessary to see how much and what goals have been achieved. This will allow you to see how many calls, purchases, inquiries there have been.

"Goals" installed on your site will allow your advertising budget to be used only for the most relevant traffic that yields results.

Advertising goals (conversions)

Customers discover your services and products by searching for and writing specific phrases. You need to figure them out and determine which ones are good for your business. Analyze these phrases and group them together to avoid wasting your budget on inaccurate keywords.

This will allow you to focus only on the essential customers of your business who are looking for what you have to offer.

Keyword / Phrase Analysis

Finally, with all the information, Google ads begin to run. Everything is put in place, all settings are selected, keywords, audiences, locations, and ads start generating first queries.

You will finally see the first results from Google ads. You will start receiving inquiries and calls.

Google campaigns launch

Just run the ad and do nothing - it won't work. It is an ever-changing and lively process that needs to be nurtured and monitored. Remove phrases that don't generate customers and add ones that do. You'll also need to adjust your text and sometimes add new campaigns, and more.

Your results will keep improving, and you'll get better results on a smaller budget.

Google Ad Adjustments

Our technology, community
& Social network partners

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We help INCREASE sales and optimize
media campaigns

Our Marketing Services

People can't imagine their daily lives without Google. Be at the top of Google search results when potential customers find a solution to their problem. We will make sure that when users enter keywords that are relevant to your business, the target message will always reach.

Google search advertising

Become visible on Google Organic Search. We create a strategic plan with all the tactical actions that include internal and external SEO optimization. With state-of-the-art tools, we'll help you rise in organic search positions and drive more traffic.

SEO services

Reach your potential customers who spend time on the most popular social networks. We find the audiences that generate the most advertising revenue and select the most appropriate ad formats. We adapt them to different stages of a consumer’s purchase path.

Facebook and Instagram advertising

The Google Display Network reaches as many as 90% of all Internet users worldwide. By using this type of advertising, you will not only increase your brand awareness, but also increase your indirect sales. We'll select the most appropriate display advertising strategy.

Google GDN (banner) advertising

We perform audits of advertising campaigns, analytics or SEO. Evaluate your position in the market today and see places to fix. Get an action plan based on your current situation, business goals, and competitor analysis.


Entrust us with the technical part and enjoy accurate accounting for your campaigns, with clearly defined measurable goals and results. Proper analytics optimization is a fundamental part of any online project, advertising campaign.


If your business sector has specific B2B sales and your target audience is business customers, try LinkedIn advertising. It is a very conducive medium to reach potential business representatives and convey your message in the right format.

LinkedIn advertising

Videos are the most engaging advertising format. A common mistake is to invest a lot in creating a video, but not in the effort to spread it. We'll select the right YouTube ad types, optimize your video for your target audience, and maximize your ad distribution.

YouTube Advertising

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